SMB Centra

Win business milestones, everyday…with expert advice to get more done

Get more breathing space to your freedom of entrepreneurship and get rid of distractions and unnecessary challenges off your plate.

Escape the trap of being busy
& start achieving more

Complexity of running a business to reach finishing line could be overwhelming. But smart execution of goal-oriented best practices can give  us competitive advantage of our time. And as time happens to be the most important commodity, the strategic usage of 80/20 rule becomes more evident in business goals.

Our role, you ask? Have you ever

 …wished that there was support available in the form of reliable business support system? A holistic all-in-one ‘done -for -you ‘ support which is strategic, targeted and efficient for results ( leaving you time to focus on your core business).

 …felt inspired to launch your new product or service with a new digital marketing campaign or creative designs
but ran out of time to really follow through and elevate to the next level?

 ...tried to get (more) web presence, brand-building exercises, web traffic, leads and sales
but have been left unsure of the real impact your efforts are making? 

 If any of the above-mentioned Qs is Yes, that’s where we are. We dive deep into the problems business founders and professionals face every day, online, to unpack what’s really at stake and making them reach their logical business result.

IT Outsourcing
Digital Marketing

SAAS Content Writing

Language Translation

English to Chinese Translation

Data Entry
Business Support

Dreaming of 4-hour week?

For living more and working less in this unpredictable economic times, we provide freedom, flexibility and accountability for your remote or hybrid team and delivers work insights to help you achieve growth trajectory… much faster!

World-Class Offshore Staffing

Our remote workforce, with feasible and robust software for remote collaboration, is good enough to be your world-class remote team to mitigate operational overhead costs and improve your bottom line.

Thankfully, there are many tools and strategies which help to be in sync with your work/company culture and creating collaboration protocols are some of the keys.

virtual PM
Save 70% Over Hiring

Get on-demand experts across various IT and Non-IT domains

Wise choice for your budget

Affordable resource as easy as being in the next cubicle

Helping Innovation & Startup Growth Marketing

Digital Marketing
Supercharge Marketing momentum.

Business, Work & Life


Get modern, all-device friendly, interactive websites to convey your business message and make people take goal-driven actions


Campaign-based approach to fast-track your online visibility, boost brand awareness and fuel your objective.


Beautiful. Engaging. Creative. Get a complete collection of graphics design services to showcase your identity


We will turn your footage into beautiful films


Increase brand awareness, engage with customers and build your brand – as per your unique business objectives & your social perspective


We get your daily administrative support tasks done with great ease. It’s affordable and great value for your money.

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