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SEMRush Vs Moz – Which SEO Tool is Better For Online Marketing

How Can SEO Tools Help Your Business?

Jane has the answer. When Google Hummingbird algorithm update hit her diet blog in 2018, he had no clue how to parse the problem. Top-ranked pages disappeared from Google and immediate need was to regain organic ranks and grow traffic again. Need of an effective SEO practices and procedures was felt which could not just tell which keywords were hit, by the algorithm update, but also gain granular insights on data-driven content creation and content marketing strategy.

She was aware that when more than 40,000 search queries every second on average, working on right content was extremely crucial. At the end of the day, SEO is more than keywords.

So, to understand and dig deeper into context and semantics of keywords for her SEO content marketing campaign, she tried few free SEO tools but all in vain. Social media was the second-best traffic and doing ok.

Beyond keyword planner, how to write blog article to rank high in Google Search was dependent on keywords with a strategy. She knew that unless her articles again start showing on Google, nothing can boost her website’s organic visibility.

She was looking for an SEO tool to help her in choosing best keywords for variations of content to driving a website’s growth, SEO tools save a lot of hassle with:

  • keyword research for traffic growth and ranking on top page of Google
  • track keyword ranking for SEO progress
  • technical issues which are hurting her website
  • check backlinks profile
  • check competitor ranks for insightful data and competitive intelligence

All the abovementioned goals were needed to accomplish. Within 6 months, thanks to link analysis, completive analysis and valuable keywords, organic traffic became her top-most channel for user acquisition again.

Her conducting keyword competition analysis and research strategy was something like the following:

  • What is keyword competition
  • keyword competition analysis
  • Different keyword types and competitiveness
  • Find her online competitors
  • Accumulate data related to her online competitors’ SEO data and strategy
  • Low hanging fruits with high ROI keyword opportunities
  • Off-page and other on page SEO factors

SEMRush Vs MOZ – Which is Better SEO Tool – A Comparison Overview

SEMRush and Moz were the two SEO tools she was confused in. That was in 2018 but it goes without saying that many of us battle this dilemma as we intend to replace marketing headache vis-à-vis analytics to reporting.

To understand value of strategic decisions and digital marketing campaigns development, keyword research tool and how to do content marketing is

It was in 2018 but all of us know, how important have their ‘Jane’ moment in selecting the better (if not the best) SEO tools when SEMRush and Moz are compared.

For your internet marketing strategy, thought of how to get website traffic from search engines (Google, undoubtedly) from business-friendly search terms or keywords is extremely important.  This is where SEO tools are useful which are whip-smart to analyse Content, backlinks, keyword rankings, website traffic, social media etc. without going down the rabbit hole.

Tedious keyword research and data analysis importance of SEO tools lie in 2 leading all-in-one SEO tools, namely, SEMrush and Moz. With all-in-one SEO, following features help in:

  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Site auditing
  • Website links technical health
  • Support
  • More value per dollar spent in pricing

SEMRush Vs MOZ – which tool is better

Both SEMRush and Moz are powerful and give great information on website, competitors analysis, online competition but there are overlaps. As you dig under the hood you would lots of similar as well as different features.

Both SEMrush and Moz are champion SEO software for data-based High-quality keyword research analysis and campaign optimizations. From content, off-site, and technical SEO audit considerations to Extensive link analysis, Competitor benchmarking and free trials etc, both SEO solutions have amazing features to tap full online potential of digital marketing campaigns.

Using key information from SEMrush or Moz, you can easily:

  • Create content, according to user intent, and market it efficiently with ROI-friendly metrics
  • Expose link building opportunities for high quality referral backlinks
  • Audit your website scope of opportunities in terms of technical elements.

Common features of SEMRush and Moz SEO Tools:

  1. Analyze your website – something called domain analysis
  2. Keyword research features – Find the best keywords to rank for
  3. Backlink analysis and building
SEO ToolBest for…Save ProjectsKeyword ResearchLead GenerationPaid Ads AnalysisInternational Insights
SEMRushAgencies, SEO Professionals, Solopreneurs, in-house marketing teamsYesYesYesYesYes
MozSmall-medium-businesses, solo consultantsYesYesNoNoYes

SEMRush Review – What is SEMrush used for?

SEMRush features: A complete walkthrough

SEMRush SEO Toolkit for SEO Strategy

There are 5 tools under competitive research section in SEMrush. This section helps in identifying your top online competition on Google Search and doing a great analysis of areas of improvement in content and keywords.

  1. Competitive Research
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Link Building
  4. Rank Tracking
  5. On-page SEO and Technical SEO

SEMrush Tools for Competitive Research

Domain Overview:

The domain overview tool gives you an overview of a domain and its online visibility on:

  1. Website Authority Score
  2. Idea of organic traffic
  3. Estimate of paid traffic
  4. Backlinks profile
  5. Display Advertising

How to try Domain Overview tool?

  1. Go to SEMRushType in any domain name and click on ‘Search’.
  2. Take Adidas website for example.Type in Adidas website URL and click on ‘Search’ (selecting domain overview)
  3. See Keywords by Country and Traffic Trend
  4. If you want, compare upto 5 websites at a timeIt helps in benchmark a site’s top metrics against competitors websites. 
  5. Check out a domain’s organic trafficYou get to see Top Organic KeywordsOrganic Position Distribution, Main Organic Competitors, Competitive Positioning Map (organic)Branded traffic trend, and Branded vs non-branded search traffic.
  6. Paid Search InformationGet information about Top Paid KeywordsPaid Position DistributionMain Paid CompetitorsCompetitive Positioning Map (paid) and Sample Text Ads.
  7. Domain’s backlink profileGet information on BacklinksFollow vs. Nofollow backlinks, type of backlinks, Referring domainsTop Anchors and Top indexed pages (by the number of backlinks),
  8. SEMRush for Display AdvertisingThis section tells you what and how your online competitor’s using online display ads. You get granular details about various Publishers and AdvertisersTop display ad landing pages and Sample Ads.
SEMrush Traffic Analytics research tool

SEMrush traffic analytics tool, basically, gives you a holistic view of intelligence and competitive traffic for research. With this, origination of web traffic (both desktop as well as mobile) can be analyzed with lots of information on:

  • total website traffic to any website
  • Visits, unique visitors, pages/visit, average visit duration, and bounce rate
  • Top sources of traffic
  • Locations which driving traffic to a domain
  • Device-based traffic data and much more

Organic Research

Keyword Gap

Backlink Gap

SEMRush for Keyword Research Tools

Once online competition is apprehended, the most important step in search optimization is keyword research. This is where best keywords opportunities are explored in terms of search volume, popularity, cost (in case running a paid search campaign) and insights.

Under keyword research tools, following are the important features

  1. Keyword Overview
  2. Keyword Magic Tool
  3. Keyword Manager
  4. Organic Traffic Insights

SEMRush for Link Building

  1. Backlink Audit Tool
  2. Backlink Analytics
  3. Backlink Gap
  4. Bulk Backlink Analysis
  5. Link Building Tool

SEMRush for Local SEO

  1. Listing Management
  2. Position Tracking
  3. On Page SEO Checker
  4. Social Media Toolkit

SEMRush for Rank Tracking

  1. Position Tracking
  2. Sensor
  3. Ranks

SEMRush for Competitor SEO Analysis

  1. Organic Research
  2. Keyword Gap
  3. Backlink Analytics
  4. Backlink Gap
  5. My Reports

SEMRush for Content Marketing

  1. Topic Research
  2. Marketing Calendar
  3. SEO Content Template
  4. SEO Writing Assistant
  5. Brand Monitoring
  6. Post Tracking
  7. Content Audit

SEMRush Content Creation and Distribution

  1. Topic Research
  2. Content Marketplace
  3. Social Media Poster

Content Optimization Tools

  1. SEO Content Template
  2. SEO Writing Assistant

Content Marketing Analytics Tools

  1. Content Audit
  2. Post Tracking

SEMRush for Market Research

Market Analysis Tools

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Market Explorer

Competitor Analysis

  1. Traffic Analytics
  2. Organic Research
  3. Advertising Research
  4. Brand Monitoring
  5. Social Media Tracker

SEMRush Paid Marketing Tools

  1. Keyword Magic Tool
  2. Advertising Research
  3. Display Advertising
  4. PLA Advertising

Competitor PR Monitoring Tools

  1. Brand Monitoring
  2. Post Tracking
  3. Social Media Tracker

SEMRush for Paid Advertising Tools

  1. Keyword Magic Tool
  2. Keyword Manager
  3. Keyword Gap
  4. PPC Keyword Tool
  5. CPC Map

SEMRush Website Monetization Tools

  1. CPC Map
  2. Display Advertising
  3. On Page SEO Checker
  4. SEO Writing Assistant

SEMRush for Social Media Management

  1. Social Media Poster
  2. Social Media Ads

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