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Why is social media marketing important in schools?

Irrespective of a school, an Instagram account has only collected figurative first over the last year or diligently curated positions scheduled across different platforms.

 It is hard to refuse that social media for educational institutions like schools is a communication lifeline for students, parents, teachers, management, and alumni alike. 

Social media marketing has become further important during the times of COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some benefits that schools get to experience when they opt for social media marketing:

  • Sharing COVID-19 updates and other key information
  • Documenting the approach to e-learning 
  • Keeping the community connected
  • Uplifting others
  • New student intake

What should you put on your school social media? 

Alumni Events

Your alumni students have been in the shoes of your prospective students, and they have experienced a similar decision-making process till they graduated. Your school’s alumni is one of the best resources of content for your school’s social media. They can contribute to various insider content pieces, show the outside world, and show what it is like to study in your school. 

Moreover, remember that you can use your alumni as an alternative for a monetary donation. You can talk about the success story of your alumni and show the prospective students and their parents how your school has contributed to the success story of your alumni. It will throw a positive light on your school’s reputation and show that your school is serious about helping the children achieve a prosperous future. 

Student-generated Content

Your current students are the most useful resource for creating different kinds of unique content. They can determine the wishes and pain points of the prospective students as they have gone through the same. You can incorporate the experience of your current students to develop helpful posts on “Tips before coming to college”, “How to make new friends in school”, and more. These topics would cover the concerns of your prospective students. 

Besides that, current students can even offer useful insights into different programs that your school is offering. Students who are currently involved in the program would provide information that would dig deeper than a simple program overview.

Excerpt from Other Communities

Apart from your students and alumni, other people are valuable for your social media marketing. For instance, if you have a boarding school, you have to provide insights on how to deal with boarding school life for the first time. When you offer an inside peek at the residential life, student programs, and dorms on campus, it will ease the worries of the prospective students. You can post video tours, conversation sessions of the staff members. You can even cover student wellness content and on-campus events to show the life of the current resident students. 

Besides that, you can also post content about game days and feature stories on your marching band members, students athletes, and more. Sharing these posts on your social media would explain a lot about your school’s extracurricular life and culture. 

Faculty Profiles

Department heads and professors are experts on academic programs that your school is offering. You can publish content on department overviews, research, lectures, projects, class presentations, and department overviews to help your prospective students better understand your school’s curriculum. 

Moreover, when you provide content reviewed by the professors and teachers, it also assures the prospective students that they would be in good hands. The teachers can even provide content on their teaching methods to show the students what they can expect from your school’s programs. 

Collaboration Content

Content collaboration is a great way to publish engaging posts on your social media. When you partner with someone, you can get free content while the organization you collaborated with gets free exposure. For example, you can collaborate with institutions like tourism boards, local museums, festivals, and more to create content for the school blog. Through that, you would be offering your prospective students a peek into the new off-campus school life. 

You can even build a robust content strategy by repurposing content. Instead of being the author all the time, you can loosen the grip and work as the editor. It will get you connected with amazing content creators that would further boost your school’s social media presence. 

Social Media Marketing Service For Schools

Everyone associated with your school is using social media daily. Hence, it is about time that you start using social media to your advantage too. 

  • Studies state that at least 74% of American adults use multiple social media platforms. That is over three-quarters of the overall parent population. 
  • When it comes to students, over 95% of them stay online for long periods, and over 81% of them use social media. 

Hence, you can see that your students and their parents are using different social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to connect with the world around them. Therefore, statistically, using social media platforms is crucial for schools to increase enrollment and communicate with society. 

Social media marketing for schools is vital for schools to maintain their popularity on these social media platforms. Every platform attracts people from various walks of life and works according to its unique algorithm. Hence, schools need to hire professionals who can take care of their social media marketing and resonate with their target audience. 

Here are some social media marketing services that schools can opt for: 

Facebook For Schools 

Professional social media marketing services can use Facebook to help schools enjoy some active benefits such as,

  • Building transparency and trust through messenger, groups, replies, comments, and more.
  • Sharing valuable information efficiently and quickly.
  • Targeting certain demographics via social media advertisements for increasing engagement and awareness. 
  • Scheduling content to save time. 
  • Leveraging Facebook analytics for identifying areas for improvement as well as to prove Return on Investment. 

Professional social media marketers understand the core, evolving features and the algorithms of Facebook, which is crucial for ensuring that your school reaches the right target audience at the right moment. They can also take your Facebook marketing strategy to a whole new level while interacting with your followers to improve the user experience on the school’s Facebook page.  

Instagram for Schools

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users, and 50% of them scroll through their feed regularly. Schools that do not have a strong presence on Instagram miss out on daily interactions with thousands of potential students. Through instagram marketing services, schools can use the platform for making connections with the target audience. Instagram marketers would build brand loyalty and awareness by showcasing your school’s culture, attributes, and more. 

Expert social media marketers use the platform’s popularity to build a virtual community for the school to thrive in. The presence of schools on Instagram is a great opportunity for making meaningful communications with potential students authentically and familiarly. Hence, the quality of instagram content matters to a great extent. Any forced or pandering Instagram posts that users do not find impressive can further harm the school’s reputation. 

So, with the support of expert social media marketing strategists, your school can reach its target audience in an engaging, attractive manner. 

Twitter for Schools

The number of monthly active users on Twitter is around 330 million, granting brands the opportunity to reach out to a huge following and form enduring connections via their content. 

Twitter being a must-have promotion and distribution channel, it can amplify your brand, keep hour marketing relevant to the recent industry conversations, engage your audience, trend topics, and more. Your school can use Twitter for connecting with it’s audience in the simplest, fastest way. 

Schools can use their Twitter feed to get actionable audience insights through a suite of intuitive marketing features such as real-time trend monitoring, polls, and surveys. 

Professional Twitter marketing for schools serves many purposes and engages various points of the sales funnel and marketing. The marketers dig deeper and thereby uncover potential ways to leverage your school’s brand, its marketing strengths, and Twitter presence. They use diverse, multifunctional strategies to serve the school’s extensive social media goals like: 

  1. Improving public relations.
  2. Building an online community. 
  3. Enhancing target audience engagement and loyalty.
  4. Extending the school’s reach and brand awareness. 
  5. Monitoring feedbacks, compliments, or complaints.

Content Creation for Schools

School News

Every day different kinds of activities happen in schools which they can talk about. They are amazing places that are full of wonderful stories and activities. By publishing school news content, schools can share their programs, activities, achievements and more easily and quickly. They can even share small videos and photos on the school’s social media platform. When schools share their news content, they can get more engagement. 

Promote Events

Schools can share when and what is happening with their student’s parents and the wider community. This can include cultural programs, academic contests, parent-teacher meetings, community work, and similar events. Schools can even add events to their official website other than their social media handles to improve engagement and attendance. 

Unlimited Blogs

Blogs are:

  • A great way of informing the prospective students.
  • Prospective teachers.
  • Parents of the current students on every aspect of the school.

The best thing about writing blogs is that there is no limit to it. Schools can choose any category of blog they would like to publish. In addition to that, schools can even get their students and staff involved and engage their community through comments. Students would love to get their work, photos, and videos published on their school’s social media handles. 


Between the social life of the students, classes, events, sports, and clubs, there are always different events taking place on the campus. Schools can capture such moments, add engaging captions, and share those photos with their virtual world. Schools can opt for a broad mix that would reflect the school dynamics and provide a glimpse into the life on campus and provide context for people to understand what they can expect to experience in the school. 

Virtual Events

Schools can host virtual events like Facebook Live, Twitter Chat, Instagram Live, and more to communicate with their community directly. They can hold live Q&A sessions, provide information on upcoming events or their academic programs, or have a fun, engaging conversation with their audience. It can require extra coordination and time for getting these social media events together, but hiring social media marketing experts can help you with that while boosting your social media success. 

Hence, it is quite evident that schools can significantly benefit from investing in professional social media marketing. Although it may feel confusing at first, hiring professionals would lead to advocacy and improved communication among parents, teachers, and students alike. 

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