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SEMRush Review | Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons Compared

What is SEMrush?

Before reviewing SEMRush, it’s good that we know what is SEMRush as a software. SEMRUsh is an SEO software, providing a wide online visibility management features. It is a one-stop-shop for all of your e-marketing needs. It offers an SEO tool kit that allows you to unearth both national and local keywords. You can analyze the backlink profile of any domain and, at the same time, run a technical SEO audit. You can track the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) position of your website daily. It is one of the easiest ways to expand organic traffic with easy and simple SEO tools. It helps you to increase the online visibility of your website and increase the brand’s awareness. You can run SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), social media, and content marketing campaigns with SEMrush. It let you audit on

Who is SEMrush for?

Search Engine Optimisation helps you to boost your company’s website traffic. Not many people understand how to use SEO effectively to generate positive results, and this is where software like SEMrush comes in to help. If you do not understand SEO then SEMrush, enables you to achieve your marketing goals. SEMrush allows you to analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies and formulate better marketing campaigns for you to surpass them. All types of businesses and enterprises can use SEMrush. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, or big businesses, everyone can use SEMrush. Companies like Philips and Paypal use the SEMrush tool. It might be pricey, but it guarantees results.

Why is SEMrush so effective?

It is the most powerful SEO tool in the market right now. Using SEO requires patience as you do not get results instantly. SEMrush helps you decide if you are using the correct techniques by providing in-depth analysis reports for your SEO campaigns even before you start seeing results. It has a massive database with more than 46 million database domains and more than 120 million keywords. Its effectiveness lies in the enormous array of tools available, including more than 40 tools for SEO and more tools for content, advertising, competitive research, reporting, and social media management.

It lets you monitor all areas of e-marketing. You can receive SEO insights, research competitors, and also use content tools to help design new pages, build links, run ads and promote new products and services on social media.

Optimise your site with SEMrush

With SEMrush, you can optimize your website using several options. You can audit your website, strengthen your backlink portfolio, collect benchmark data and use the on-page SEO checker. You can set up your page tracker to improve SEO, optimize existing pages and create new optimized content. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Auditing your website with SEMRush 

SEMrush allows you to scan your website for more than 130 technical and SEO mistakes. They not only provide you with solutions but also give you automatic reports. It also lets you prioritize your tasks and line them in order of importance. You get intuitive charts, instructions, and directions that let you monitor loading speed, crawlability, content issues, meta tags, HTTPS security protocols, internal linking, JS and CSS errors, and AMP implementation.

Auditing your website helps you enhance your user’s experience by improving page loading speed, which is a huge factor in engaging new customers. Thematic and detailed reports let you sort out link structure and clear out all of your internal linking issues, which contribute towards better SERP. It enables you re-crawl the site on a regular schedule, allowing you to sort problems as soon as they crop up.

It is a remarkable tool for websites with a load of custom coding and complex infrastructure. As a website’s code becomes more complex, it becomes more challenging to deal with the issues that crop up, and this is where SEMrush helps you as it catches problems in the bud and nips them.

Strengthen your backlink portfolio:

 SEMrush helps you improve your SERPs and outreach with its richly-built quality backlink suite. You can receive various link-building and outreach opportunities. Backlink analytics offers you actionable data on any domain’s backlinks, enabling you to repair and search for link-building opportunities. It lets you size up your competitors and calculate their backlink profile size. You can compare link profiles of 5 domains at the same time. This backlink gap feature helps you in increasing your sales and revenue. 

Collect benchmark data: 

Benchmark data allows you to compare your competitor’s domains with yours. You have to enter your competitor’s domain name and SEMrush does all of the work for you. This feature also lets you estimate your website’s revenue by hosting other businesses’ ads through Google AdSense. It enables you to benchmark content topics that fall under your company’s niches. It has a tool that allows you to focus on benchmarking your keyword portfolio against your competitors.

SEMRUsh On-page SEO checker: 

SEMrush has a proficient on-page SEO checker and is one of the most advanced tools of this software. It provides you with multiple suggestions in minutes that can greatly enhance your website’s look and appeal. It helps you reach target audiences in the correct locations. The on-page SEO checker gives you SERP analysis for your targeted keywords. This tool provides the most actionable insight meaning that it allows for concrete and factual information that lets you decide to improve your website’s health. It gives suggestions that play a pivotal role in augmenting the organic ranking of some of your top-performing pages and helps you analyze and research your marketing strategies. The on-page SEO checker tool is the most creative as it lets you design new and innovative content that enables you to optimize your websites to improve your rankings. It also helps you get an insight regarding your competitor’s pages that allows you immensely with decision making.

How SEMrush helps you in identifying your top organic search competitors?

If you want to be the industry leader, you need to correctly estimate your rivals’ marketing techniques and approaches. SEMrush helps you to identify your competitors and be one step ahead of them. You can rely on SEMrush to give you accurate data regarding your rivals so that you can strategize your marketing campaign. SEMrush simplifies this for you, you just have to enter your domain in the SEMrush search box and receive a list of ‘main organic competitors.’ The more keywords you share with your competitors, the more intense the competition will be, and here SEMrush helps you by letting you look for unique, organic keywords.

SEMrush helps you to look for your rival’s top-ranking content letting you use that information to create better content for your website. SEMrush gives you an estimation of the organic search traffic, the traffic cost, the total number of keywords that piece of content is ranking for, and additional data on backlinks and paid keywords. You can manually view and sort these keywords to create your content. Then you can use this keyword to begin your on-page SEO elements such as title tags, headings, body copy, alt text, etc. The domain vs domain feature greatly helps you create a successful website that is better in every way compared to your competitor’s.

SEMrush Features Review:

SEMrush provides you with more than 40 tools and features to help you with all of your marketing needs. Some of the features of SEMrush are:

1) SEMRush Position Tracker:

This feature allows you to boost your search rankings.

It lets you analyze your rank for a specific keyword concerning your rival’s keywords. It enables you to measure your site’s overall online visibility. You receive daily updated rankings that let you monitor your website’s health.

You receive competitive keyword performance analysis, and you can discover local, national, and international clients. It enables you to analyze your website pages that have the maximum potential to appear on the first page of search results and optimize them. With the help of other features like link building and SEO content, SEMrush helps you improve your website’s position.

The detailed report by the position tracker feature lets you examine the phrases and keywords and analyze the pages on which they appear. It is one of the most important features provided by SEMrush as it allows you to systematically improve your website by giving a page-by-page report and compare your progress against your competitors. The daily reports help you analyze your SEO efforts are working or not.

2) SEMRush SERP tools:

It offers snippets, knowledge panels, or local packs. It strengthens your tracking campaign by providing keywords that best fit with your featured snippets. It keeps an eye on your top featured snippets and includes essential information regarding the SERPs’ volatility. Then all you have to do is analyze and adjust your search rankings. SERP tools let you improve rankings by filtering the keywords with the type of search features returned in SERPs. You can use SEOs to target featured snippets and comprehend the content that is returned for target terms. It helps you to analyze and examine your adjustments before you change your marketing moves. The volatility of SERPs is continuously increasing. If you want to improve your search rankings, you have to transform your methods and SEMrush continually helps you with its features to achieve your goals.

3) SEMRush Position Tracking Pages:

In the position tracking tool, you get the ‘pages’ feature that lets you track and improve your search rankings. You receive detailed and comprehensive reports for every page informing the changes in their positions. This piece of information helps you to bring about changes that can boost their rankings and position.

4) SEMRush Keyword Alerts:

This feature helps you in analyzing your current keyword’s position and the changes in their position. It alerts you when your top-performing keywords drop a certain number of positions or fall outside the top 10. It provides comprehensive information that lets you get to work instantly so that you can work on getting your keyword’s position back on top. It allows you to track a massive number of keywords, and at the same time, it lets you stack them against your competitors’ keywords. It lets you enable the alerts feature that notifies you when keywords enter or leave the top 10 or 5 results.

5) SEMRush Project Dashboard:

The dashboard provided by SEMrush is greatly helpful in tracking your website’s daily performance. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The project dashboard allows you to have a concise view of all of your activities in one place. The site audit provides you with the site health, the position tracking monitors provide keyword changes and the organic traffic insights give a big picture of the total traffic. The project dashboard shows you areas in which you can improve, and if you are losing rankings, it helps you find out who is taking your place and ultimately gain it back.

6) SEMRush Organic Traffic insights:

It lets you find striking information to get a quick fix solution. The insights help you transform keywords that can change your website’s whole game plan by evolving a keyword optimally. The organic research report helps improve search rankings and monitor them so that you can handpick the valuable keywords. This feature not only helps you in optimizing existing content but also creating new top-performing content which would you were not aware of.

7) SEMRush Link Tracker:

SEMrush helps you find new and lost links. It also enables you to analyze why you lost a unique link and how you can get it live once again. SEMrush has tools that optimize opportunities by optimising new links and optimizing links that already exist. You can use SEMrush to reach out to everyone for an already existing URL structure thus SEMrush is an effective way to find such opportunities.

8) SEMRush Backlink Gaps:

You must build backlinks for your clients and your business. By using authority score along with backlink analytics SEMrush lets you examine current domains. Authority score lets you see the given domain’s authority for the last 12 months and helps you in your changes. It considers actual traffic, unlike other tools. Backlinks analytics help you by showing the backlinks of the previous 6 months crawling on the internet, known as a fresh index. These two features greatly help in building links to create a successful website efficiently. It lets you keep track of your competition and lets you look for new backlink opportunities. The intuitive tracking feature of backlink exploration saves you a lot of time and effort. It provides daily reports on all sorts of changes and alerts on potential toxic links. They also help you in attaining better SERP positions and generate organic traffic over time.

9) SEMRush API:

It lets you make custom tools that let you scrape the HTML of each page with a good ranking and let you analyze if it reaches back to your website. This allows you see your SERP position and enables you to know the percentage of the SERP links to you.

10) SEMRush Competitive research analysis:

You must know where your competitors and rivals stand so that you have a sound backing strategy. SEMrush helps you in building better links and creating optimized content for your websites. It lets you focus on the exact keywords so that you can divert your rival’s audience to your website. It enables you to keep an eye out for better keywords by tracking your competitors’ keywords and strategies. You can formulate better strategies and come up with better and effective primary and secondary keywords. It helps improve and track your search visibility as it lets you analyze how your competitors are generating traffic with methods that you are not aware of.

11) SEMRush Keyword Overview:

This tool helps you track the performance of a single keyword or a bunch of keywords by comparing its performance for other sites. This provides you with adequate information to plan a strategy for yourself. You can make different strategies for various keywords. It is an important tool to improve search rankings. It provides you with instant insights depending on the difficulty of keywords. This tool provides insights into keyword changes and monthly volumes.

12) SEMrush Traffic percentage metric:

This feature lets you monitor the estimated volume for any keyword. It uses the current ranking that lets SEMrush calculate the estimated traffic volume for every keyword. It provides trends movements to analyze if the keywords are gaining volume or not. It is a unique tool that lets you assess and get a ballpark figure of your keywords’ performance.

13) SEMrush Domain Overview:

This feature helps you in keeping a check on your competitor’s activity which helps you uncover the top page and discover top organic keywords. It lets you analyze how certain content is performing in certain areas. You can monitor n number of competitors so that you can rise up to the top of your industry. This also provides an overview of strategies that are not working for your competitors so that you can steer clear of them.

14) SEMrush Content optimisation:

This tool lets you evaluate your rivals’ content and helps you create great SEO-optimized content for your website. It also allows you with social media marketing. It enables you to carry out a ready-for-action analysis. You can look out for low competition keywords and optimize them to push them to the top ranks. It provides a list of rankings for your keywords. It lets you create content that helps you in attracting desirous customers and audiences to your website.

15) SEMrush Toolkits:

SEMrush provides several toolkits for specific purposes.

Toolkits provided by SEMrush are

  • SEO toolkit,
  • Advertising toolkit,
  • content marketing toolkit,
  • competitive research toolkit,
  • social media toolkit,
  • management toolkit, and
  • pay-per-click toolkits.

Social media tracker and social media poster are the tools that you receive under the social media toolkit. Management toolkit provides detailed tools, marketing calendars, projects, notes, and lead generation tools. SEO toolkit comes with local SEO so that you can generate more local customers. You can use these toolkits to monetize your website and guess the revenue generation capacity of your website.

SEMrush Pros

It has the most extensive SEO keywords database.

 It has pioneering traffic analytics, the feature that lets you check the number of visits, duration of the customers’ visits, and the bounce rate of any site. 

The toolkits include features like topic research, SEO template creation, writing assistant, and content audit. You also receive a social media poster and tracker. You get keyword ad history, display advertising, ad builder, and PLA research with the advertising toolkit.

Provides alerts for all sorts of changes and provides 24*7 support.

They have an expanded backlink database.

SEMrush offers an in-built brand monitoring feature.

It does all of the research work for you.

SEMrush Cons

It does not have an in-built SERP analysis feature.

You get white label reports only after you purchase the expensive plans.

Keyword difficulty scores can be a little tricky.

They do not provide cheaper price plans for small enterprises and freelancers.

The multiple features make it challenging to choose the one that suits your website the best.

The extra tools sometimes make the software lag.

SEMrush Pricing: 

You can try the plans for free, but after the free trial expires, you have to start paying for the software. You can choose from 3 options. The first is the pro plan, the cheapest plan, priced at $119.00 per month. The second is the guru plan priced at $229.00 per month, and the third is the business plan priced at $449.00 per month. Semrush also allows you to customize your own plan, and you can contact them with your situation and provide a plan just for you. It might be pricey, but it guarantees results.

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