Increased Alumni Engagement

..for donation, membership & participation of your school’s alumni and intuitively guide them to engage and more.

Alumni Marketing – With effective suite of digital marketing strategies & programs

SMBCentra alumni marketing service empowers academic institutes and universities such that they can leverage social media tools and digital technologies to significantly address challenges faced in areas such as Student Networking, Alumni Relations, International Cells, Research & Conferences, Placements, Institution Branding, Industry Interface, Campus Life and more..

90% of alumni organizations do not feel like offering something related to alumni benefits.

Foster the community

Bring your alumni together off-campus

Positive Brand exposure

Pave way for brand ambassadors

Improve On/Offline Networking

For networking opportunities

Raise funds

Transitioning alumni into givers


The idea of Alumni marketing was sparked in 2016, out of a simple observation, made by the founders while working for a friend who was part of alumni cell of his college. Of course, the alumni community holds tremendous resources in terms of knowledge, opportunities or even funds and can influence the lives of students deeply. But there has been huge gap existing between institutes and their alumni. We simply know, that this is a problem whose solution would disrupt the education system, hence this problem has to be solved and it has to be solved now!

Alumni Marketing Agency

For Your Alumni Relationship Building

We working alongside your school Alumni department, on your terms, to deliver top notch marketing services that deliver results = ROI focused alumni engagement.

Alumni Microsites

Portable, smartphone friendly websites to boost membership or donations
Provide content to on-the-go alumni in a format that is easy to read and access
Allow for mobile donations and alumni association to your existing payment system

Social Media

Trust us for new strategies are vital to bring institutional content to effectively reach alumni attention.

1. Track down formerly lost alumni
2. Identify new prospects for donation
3. Pinpoint new areas of interest to Alumni
4. Spot ideas for crowdfunding etc.

Alumni marketing research

We are constantly seeking new strategies and opportunities to help schools reach and connect with active and lost graduates. Being questioned about ROI? Our campaign results will make you the star of your next staff meeting.

Marketing for Alumni relations

Typical features include

Subscription and list management
Email campaigns
Landing pages
Social posting and listening
Journey or workflow creation
Website management


We thrive on effective alumni engagement/marketing campaigns that span the digital spectrum including social, mobile, and the web at large.

Why Choose Us

Complete Privacy & Data Security
Consulting with Best Practices
led by an enthusiastic team, high on values

We started our journey as fresh college graduates and went on to interact with more than 250 Colleges from all tiers to understand the way Alumni Management works and we realised that most of the problems that institutions are struggling with, can be solved by leveraging technology. That was where the SMBCentra thought to thrive on maximizing engagement by seeking out and reconnecting with alumni where they pay the most attention – the web.

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How We Work?

We typically work with new clients in one of two ways – a single campaign surrounding a specific goal or yearly marketing management.

Single Campaign

Your Alumni marketing strategy needs proper execution. With 1 campaign per goal, you get your engagement plan meet its desired aspiration. With strategic and holistic research, optimal results, for innovative alumni engagement, get your message conveyed. Be it ex-students or the outreach campaign for funding for associations or college higher education, get the buzz around for alumni relationship.

Yearly Marketing Support + Management

Get long-term alumni marketing services to help you make the most of social and mobile integration. With a thorough and holistic market research vis-à-vis marketing, you get to see how to engage alumni with innovative alumni engagement models.
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