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15 Best Freelance Payment method for Consulting Work

Many people on the planet love working remotely instead of going to workplaces. Even during this crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic, the odds of work from home are expanding day by day. Many freelancers work in diversified fields, no matter, it is Digital Marketing, Web Development, Graphic designing, Calling, and so on. From a youngster to an Adult, everybody depends on Freelancing, and they are earning admirably from it. However, the question here is how they get the payment for whatever they work. In India, the payment is done through Paytm, GPay as well as Net banking. While other countries prefer different payment, modes like Payoneer etc.

This Freelancing has improved the lives of many, but do you know how? Let’s consider how freelancing business has improved the lives of many.

How to get paid as a freelancer: Payment Methods Benefits

As the interest for Freelancing is expanding systematically. Many specialists are carrying on with an incredible life by working from home, and we figure everybody will work distantly in the upcoming years. At the point when we discuss working from the workplace or home, it is seen that the individuals who work from Office at times can’t have the option to give time to their family or they have to take a lot of work pressure due to the dread of fire out from the workplace or any cut in the payout. However, when you work remotely, you do not have to take that much pressure and the best thing is yourself work for you with no time limit. Apart from this, you can improve your life by freelancing in various ways. Let’s consider some of them:

 Benefit #1. You can grow your team

If you have a good customer base, at that point it is the most ideal choice to improve your freelance by which you can grow your team, and accordingly, allot work to the team less than the client’s payout. That is a decent choice to grow passively in freelancing without doing any extra efforts.

2. Make notes regularly

When you will enlist your team, you won’t burn through your time sitting inactive. Rather, you can use that time and build connections. At the point when your connections will build, you can move toward them for more work, that is how you can produce easy revenue, and this thing will little improve your life as a freelancer.

3. Create your timetable

With the versatile outstanding task, you can make the timetable that is reasonable for you. Would you like to take Sunday off? Without a doubt, you can, you have to ensure that on that day you ought not to take any projects. Another thing you have to consider is that you do not have to book anybody to improve your life. Simply, make your timetable that will satisfy your requirements and permit you to make your profession where you work for yourself.

4. Be innovative on your footing

You can begin your Startup and choose which project to take on and which one to dismiss. You need to make a career in which you will have the opportunity of what you need to do when you need to do it. So, you can get various imaginative projects that you need to take on. You ought to be able to acknowledge the customers that make your work worthwhile and along with that, you have to decline the projects that don’t fit on your way of thinking.

5. Have control of your funds

If you work in any corporate organization, or you don’t have control over your pay. At that point, you can spend or contribute appropriately. But, if you have your own freelancing business, at that point you can completely control yourself and about your objective and how much activities help you with accomplishing the objective. You need to make your budget, estimated cost. Through this, you don’t have to ask anybody about what to do and you can reward yourself.

6. Value your and your client’s time

Everybody’s time is valuable to them. However, the thing you have to consider in freelancing business is that your one mix-up can cause your customer’s business to go down. You should value your time, and customer’s time and for that, you need to focus on your freelancer career. 

Now, that you are aware of the ways. We should have a look at

How freelancers receive the payment of Freelancing projects?

Google Pay

Google is one of the easiest ways for all the freelancers through which they send and receive online. One of the best parts of the google pay money transfer application is that this application does not charge any kind of additional fees while transferring the money. Never mind you are transferring the money to the bank account or you send money to your friends. It does not charge any additional fees other than the transfer amount. After transferring the money, you receive the cashback as the rewards which is directly credited to your account.

Credit Cards

Credit card is also the most reliable form of payment on which freelancers can easily rely on. However, customers usually prefer to pay through the plastic card. All kinds of payment usually get processed with some other online payment system. For receiving the payment through the client, you can easily purchase your credit card processing equipment.


PayPal is the most normal type of payment about which virtually every freelancer knows about. Getting your account opened on PayPal is free, and it is the most suitable method for your clients also he can easily pay you through PayPal as soon as you complete the work. After receiving the money in your PayPal account, you can easily transfer that money to your bank account. For transferring, the money to your bank account it will charge some additional fees mentioned by the developer until then you can make use of that money using your PayPal wallet.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is another form of payment for transferring the fund from one account to another with or without any kind of insignificant fees. This is truly the very simplest fastest and one of the easiest ways to receive money directly in your bank account. On the other side, there are some of the disadvantages of EFT in this payment form you are limited to the particular amount or you are limited to the number of transactions that can be done.

Debit/Credit Cards

This mode of payment is regularly not used for the overseas payment; in fact, many of the clients usually prefer to pay through the plastic card to their freelancers. To receive this mode of payment you need to have the card processing equipment this is the reason that freelancers usually receive the payment using the application.


Payoneer is one of the quick modes of payment method that is mostly used to received and send payments internationally. This platform usually allows you to withdraw the funds and transfer the money to your local bank account, this mode of payment is available over in more than 200 countries, and this is reaching more and more businesspersons. 

4 things to remember when choosing a payment method


being a freelancer you should get paid on that fee structure which was chosen by you while getting into the contract.


If you don’t want your payment to get delayed then you should choose that mode of payment which is appropriate for your clients so that the client can easily pay you.


You should be looking for that payment service provider that must offer you in technical support so it can be taken care of if any kind of issue arises. 


To be stress-free, you should choose one of the safest and appropriate forms of receiving the payments.


Popular payment service will have a reputed position all over the world. Being a freelancer the one receives international payments, and then you can choose the brand having a good position in the market.

If you are going to set your site, choosing the right payment processor for your business is the ideal option for you. Once you’re done with your site, the other thing you have to do is to ensure you are using the right payment software. 

15 right payment methods for your freelancing business


Square is one of the credit card companies that offer small businesses or freelancers to accept credit cards and free them from the burden of other extra costs. You can accept this credit card anywhere. To process a Gift Card, though it’s a free magstripe reader that works with the app from smartphones and tablets. Its feature includes the fraud protection and On-demand deposits with the payment that you received in your bank account within two business days. You don’t need to wait for any setup as you can pay the transaction money. Even for all the Credit cards, percent fees are swiped.


Wepay is an online payment processing system that is completely customizable. The standard solution is fully integrated for your business. It will also offer fraud prevention, fraud detection, recurring payments, multi-party payment, direct bank transfer, and other major credit cards. The processing fees of Credit Card is 1% plus $0.30 per transaction. 


Popup Money is one of the best modes to receive, send, and request the money within the U.S. from Bank account to bank account or Debit card. This is limited to daily or monthly funds that either send or receive. This is the idea for little transactions. This is the highly secured payment solution to collect the money from the groups and recurring payments. You can receive the payment within one business day. Whereas, Bank takes three business days. Its transaction fees are $0.95, and this is one of the low-cost options.


If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that PaySimple is one of the best solutions that help the business or freelancer to manage e-billing, payment processing, as well as customer information. It also provides the facility of Online In-person and different payment solutions. You can accept such from mobile applications.

5. DEX.

Dex is another payment processing software from the Forte Payment systems. No matter, how big your freelancing business is, everyone uses Dex. This payment software manages the payment methods, cancels payments, cater to the customer needs, grant refunds, etc. even, real-time reporting tools are available to provide you with better insights into customer behavior, Sales performance, Industry trends, etc.


Worldpay gives the businesses with a PCI DSS compliant online payment processing solution and this SaaS-based solution allows you to pay immediately or do the monthly payments on installments. Worldpay offers multiple payment options like Apple Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card, and so on.


ShopKeep is one of the simple, secure as well as Supportive cloud-based point of sale system that runs on Ipad only. ShopKeep also offers the freelancers with a contact-free payment. Apart from it, Shopkeep offers 24/7 customer support to make the pricing more transparent.  


InfoFlo Pay is the other mobile-friendly and web-based invoicing software that helps to create an unlimited invoice to send to its unlimited number of clients. Info Flo Pay is a completely integrated set of tools that manages the entire print shop and along with that, gives you features like Estimating. Integrated payment processing, Tracking, Work orders, Design, and Production workflow as well as many other things.


Keystroke Advanced POS is a fully featured, PowerPoint, flexible for the sale and inventory control system for all the serious retailers. This is along with the small startup stores, multi-location chains, well-established distribution business retails, and wholesale customers.


EBMS consists of a complete enterprise resource-planning tool that gives importance to the businesses and efficiently manages them. EBMS Software is a great update with many of the basic software just like QuickBooks and Sage 50/Peachtree without any budget that is required by the most corporate-level software.


Being a cloud-based online payment solution, RevCent helps in managing the business transactions and accordingly, streamline the business ecommerce operations. It can be shipping, order fulfillment. Through RevCent, professionals create rule-based payment profiles for better integration.


PayPal software is one of the common digital payment software, which enables the individuals to receive small to large amounts of payments using the online portal without disclosing any kind of financial needs. This payment software is available to almost every type of business.


Law Pay Software is one of the online payment technology, which serves the law industry where it offers the law professional, which is one of the easiest and secure forms of payment. This can be used anywhere at any point in time. This is one of the most trusted payment software.


Zoho Invoice makes you work very conveniently from this software you can easily create your invoice and then you can easily send this to your client. With the help of this, you can easily include every detail of the work in your invoice. So in the future, it does not get misplaced. 


Freelancers usually search for the software application that can make the invoice on behalf of them. The moment their work gets completed they can send the invoice to their client, and momenteo does this work for the freelancer and in fact, makes their work of making invoice easier. Moreover, this helps in creating a reputed brand image. This app also allows you to check that your invoice has been received and seen by your clients or not.

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