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Agile CRM vs Hubspot CRM: Which is better?

This question, regarding matching HubSpot CRM vs. Agile CRM, is in the minds of several start-ups and businesses which want to automate repetitive Tasks, streamline processes & Be More Productive. This post is to learn about the key differences between Agile CRM and HubSpot and intention is to understand which one to choose when starting up with customer relationship management strategy.

As we go ahead with this comparison, you should have a good idea to manage sales, marketing, and service automation to attract, engage and delight your customers.

Agile CRM vs Hubspot CRM: Which is better? Agile CRM vs Hubspot CRM: Which is better?

Since this is a detailed comparison of Agile CRM vs Hubspot CRM, here’s a quick summary of important sections of comparison in the following table of content:[toc]

What is Hubspot CRM?

Hubspot CRM Features

  • Customize views
  • Deal and Task Board
  • Hubspot Marketing Synchronization
  • Drag and Drop Communicator
  • Email Integration
  • Phone Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Enrichment
  • Social Media
  • Company Database
  • Website Visitors
  • Email Connections
  • Sidekick Integration
  • CRM Details
  • Templates, Tracking, and Scheduling

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM Features

  • Contact management
  • Contact & company features
  • Company records
  • Gmail & Outlook integration
  • Documents
  • Forms
  • Contact activity
  • Facebook & Instagram lead ads
  • Canned snippets
  • Email scheduling
  • Email tracking notifications
  • Email templates
  • Conversations inbox
  • Team email
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Calling
  • Meetings
  • Deals
  • Tasks
  • Ticketing
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Prospects

Price Comparison : Hubspot CRM Vs Agile CRM

Features Comparison : Hubspot CRM Vs Agile CRM

Hubspot CRM Screenshot

Choosing between hubspot crm and agile crm

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