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HubSpot vs Marketo Comparison for Enterprise Marketing Automation

Enterprise marketing directly impacts how business CRMs would help an organization. Hubspot and Marketo – being two leading Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) software tools, justify how enterprise would strategize its campaigns according to:

4 Components of Enterprise Marketing Automation

  • Component # 1. Market Segmentation
  • Component # 2. Marketing Campaign Management
  • Component # 3. Contact and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Component # 4. Customer Service and Support

Hubspot and Marketo are two big names in enterprise marketing automation platforms. For anyone who worked in inbound marketing automation, the evaluation process of ‘which is better’ enterprise product to choose between Hubspot Vs Marketo is dependent of various feature sets.

For most of Digital marketing director or manager, when it comes to choose the best Marketing automation software for enterprise corporations, difference betweek Hubspot and Marketo is a good starting point. From manual campaigns to personalized touch points, audience-specific messages, in the right moment, is the key to success of any marketing automation campaign.

What is the best Enterprise marketing automation software?

From digital marketing acquisition strategies to customer advocacy, a true-blue marketing automation campaigns need to drive measurable results. How? Through different digital marketing channels, such as email, SEO, Content, Video and social media etc.

With growth in mind, how you automate marketing actions or tasks to run different B2B or B2C marketing campaigns streamline business ROI-friendly activities across sales, marketing, and operations etc.

On the one hand HubSpot marketing automation brought inbound marketing to change how customers are approached, we have Marketo which has global takers for marketing automation tool for account-based marketing strategy. With razor-sharp digital marketing automation, these all in one marketing platform give the power and flexibility you need to engage customers at scale.

Both Hubspot and Marketo tools are established marketing automation platforms in  building relationships with prospects and customers through:

  • Business lead management
  • email marketing campaigns
  • landing page and assets connect
  • social media campaigns
  • Personalized message to prospects and
  • website visitor tracking etc.

At times, seen as a subset of customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation software helps in lead capture, with dedicated marketing automated campaigns, and personalize digital communications keep them to keep marketing strategies in sync with marketing funnel.

Making the right choice to select enterprise marketing automation vendor directly impacts a company growth and scale, thanks to overwhelming of data to work on.

Compare HubSpot and Marketo Marketing Automation

With a free CRM at its core, Hubspot offers a full stack of software for your growth marketing, sales, and customer service needs. Users have flexibility to use all their “hubs” or just the ones they need the most.

Marketo is a software solution with its focus on marketing automation in digital channels, like emails, mobile, social, and web. Marketing has 9 “engagement applications” – like Hubspot, Marketo offers flexibility in choosing the right applications for your needs.

Which is better HubSpot or Marketo?

With marketing automation paves way for easy-to-manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across various digital marketing channels. Marketo offers 6 separate modules, namely, under its marketing solutions:

  • Lead management
  • Email Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Customer base marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Account-based marketing

The liberty of choosing each/every solutions as per business requirements.

On the contrary, Hubspot is an all-in-one software to assist any business of any size. This makes life much easier as compared to ‘different’ solutions from Marketo. With Hubspot CRM, at its core, there are tons of integrations and add-ons which come with Hubspot.

What is Hubspot Marketing? An Overview

Who uses Hubspot?

Is HubSpot actually free?

What is Marketo? An Overview

Who uses Marketo?

Does marketo have a CRM?

Pricing Comparison – Hubspot Vs Marketo

Features Comparison – Hubspot Vs Marketo

Blog managementYesNA
Social media monitoring
Website monitoring
Website & Content Creation
Mobile Optimized
Live Chat
Content Strategy
SEO optimization and tools
Landing pages
A/B landing page testing
Pop-up Forms & Form CreationYesOnly Forms, Not Pop-Up Forms
Ad Creation & ROI AnalyticsYesNA
Native Video Hosting & MeasurementYesNA
Lead management
List segmentation
Dynamic content
Email marketing
Deliverability optimization
A/B email testing
Marketing calendar
Drip campaigns
Automation templates
Event-based triggers
Built-in CRM
Event marketing/webinars
Social marketing/Publishing
Financial management
Transactional emails
Sales dashboards
Native mobile app(s)

Features Comparison – Hubspot and Marketo Try Hubspot Marketing (Free)Check out Marketo

Lead Management Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Email Marketing FeaturesHubSpotMarketo
Drag-and-Drop Email BuilderYesYes
Personalize Email ContentYesYes
Personalize Email Subject LinesYesYes
Email A/B TestingYesYes
Email AnalyticsYesYes
Automation Branching LogicYesYes
Contact-Based SegmentationYesYes
Company-Based SegmentationYesYes
Bi-Directional Company Sync with SalesforceYesUnidirectional Only

Lead Management Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Marketing Performance Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Analytics FeaturesHubspotMarketo
Content analytics (sessions, visits, etc.)YesYes
Advanced content analytics (attribution, etc.)YesYes
Contact analyticsYesYes
Company analyticsYesYes
Competitor trackingYesNeeds extra tool(s)
Export/Email reportsYesYes
Revenue reportingYesYes
Revenue Attribution ReportingYesYes

Marketing Performance Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Campaign Management Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Campaign Management FeaturesHubSpotMarketo
Content assets integration with a campaign (landing pages, email, etc.)YesYes
Ability to duplicate clone campaigns and corresponding assetsYesYes
Campaign performance reportsYesYes

Campaign Management Comparison : Hubspot Vs Marketo

Team/User Administration Comparison | HubSpot Vs Marketo

Team & User ManagementHubSpotMarketo
Segment content, and contacts by team, business unit, region, or any other dimensionYesYes
Separate teams by hierarchyYesYes

Team/User Administration Comparison | HubSpot Vs Marketo

Account-based Marketing | Hubspot vs Marketo

What are the key Differences Between Hubspot Vs Marketo?

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