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6 Steps For How to add Grammarly to Outlook 365

What is Grammarly for Outlook Office 365?

Adding Grammarly to Outlook 365 is a lifesaver for any product or service business content writing and editing.

How to use Grammarly with Outlook 365?

6 Steps to add Grammarly to Outlook 365

Download Grammarly for outlook 365 for official Grammarly page.

Go to Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook web page

Grammarly download for outlook Office 365 is the first step.

2. Install Grammarly Office 365 App on your machine

Install Grammarly app

3. Choose Grammarly for Word or Office 365

During the installation wizard, choose if you want to install Grammarly for Office 365 for Outlook as well as Office.

4. Grammarly is installed

5. Open Outlook

Click and launch Office 365 and you will see Grammarly add-in on the Office 365 ribbon

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